Complete real-time narcotic and controlled substance security, tracing, and medication administration throughout your entire system.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Fire / EMS / Air Medical

Surgical Centers / Clinics


  • Real-time global visibility of all the narcotics or controlled substances (including inventory levels, usage, restocking, medication temperature, etc..) throughout your entire system.
  • Individual medications can be tracked by a unique identifier for precise location tracking of each medication throughout the system.
  • Electronic Patient Care Reports (EPCR numbers), CAD numbers, or dispatch numbers can be associated with any medication administration to link that event to the patient.
  • Scheduled automatic reporting by location, personnel, or medication administered, and customizable by any administrator or supervisor for their region or territory.
  • All reports are exportable into Excel for sorting, printing, or emailing.





  •  Real-time 24 hour access monitoring and reporting
  • Touchscreen PIN Pad and RFID card / key FOB entry system.  Single user or dual access authentication configurable
  • Add / Delete users or eliminate NarcBox access for existing users remotely from any Internet enabled device.
  • Ability by administrators to remotely open / lock down any NarcBox in their system from any Internet enabled device.
  • Internal optical sensors notify administrators of an unauthorized entry within minutes of occurrence.

Full integration with your current technology.

NarcBox API platform and integration features with inventory control and other data management systems is simple and improves productivity.  Contact us today about integration options for your ERP, Patient Documentation, or Inventory Management Systems.


About Us

NarcBox is a product designed, developed and manufactured in the United States.  Our company is very focused on providing the best solution for out of pharmacy diversion deterrence, at an economical price, to help resolve the opiod crisis and liability risks to providers.